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Each test allows 3 full completions, which means you can submit your answers 3 separate times and get 3 separate Diagnostics Reports.  Each of these 3 test submissions can be completed in up to 3 sessions.  Term “session” means opening the test and closing it with the Stop button to save your answers.  At any time you start the test again, your test resumes where you stopped.   On the third session, after exiting your test two times, you must submit your answers if you wish to receive your results: percent correct, Diagnostics Reports and Scaled Score (available only for practice tests). 

After you submit your answers, you will receive Diagnostics Report where you can review your test and all the questions, see the correct answers with detailed explanations (where provided), generate your performance statistics and receive your Scaled Score (for MCAT practice tests).  Statistics show the difficulty level of each question, topics tested, how you answered each question, and how well you did in each topic (applicable to MCAT practice tests).

You can re-take the test two more times, but only after you complete or terminate the previous attempt.  You can have several different tests in progress at any time, but you must work with them one at a time.  Only one testing window can be open at any given time.

 Test modes

All practice tests can be taken in either Practice Mode or Test Mode.  

Practice mode is designed to combine learning and testing of the material.  In Practice mode, you are NOT under time limits as in Test mode (time limits apply to MCAT Practice Tests and not to Topical Subject Tests).  In Practice mode, you can also see the correct answer with detailed explanation to the question.  Therefore, answer the question, see the correct answer and read the detailed explanation.

Test mode simulates actual MCAT conditions.  In Test mode, you cannot view the correct answers or explanations until answers are submitted.  If you are working on an MCAT Practice Test (not Topical Subject Test), all questions must be submitted within the time limit (see below). 

The only difference between the Test mode on our platform and the official MCAT testing process is the Pause function.  During your preparation for the MCAT, you are not at the actual testing facility and you may have distractions while you are working on your test.  This Pause button allows you to stop the timer and pause the test.  To continue, click Resume and the test will resume.  The pause feature is available for both the Practice and Test mode.

After the time is exceeded (if there is a time limit), the test will NOT stop.  You can continue answering question while the timer goes into negative count.  However, if you exceed the time, you will not have a Scaled Score because answers must be submitted within allocated time to generate a Scaled Score.  But even in this case, your performance and statistics are generated for your review.

Time limits and Scaled Scores

If you purchased old MCAT Practice Tests that simulates the MCAT test given by AAMC before February 2015, you will 70 minutes to complete 52 questions and will receive 1 to 15 Scaled Score.

If you purchased MCAT-2015 Practice Tests, you will have 95 minutes to answer 59 questions and will receive 118 to 132 Scaled Score.

In Test mode, Scaled Score is generated based on student’s performance.  Scaled Score is not a simple percent-correct to score conversion.  It takes into calculation the individual test taker's performance compared to the overall performance of other tests takers on each question.  

In Practice mode, a Scaled Score is not available.  Nevertheless, after finishing the test in Practice mode, statistics will be generated about how well a student did on particular questions within the test.

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Viewing and understanding your Diagnostics Report

Submit your answers by pressinf the button End.  Your results will be processed and analyzed and you will see a summary overview on My Account page.  You can review the test in detail up to 3 times.  The Diagnostics Report is a detailed overview of your performance on the test and individualized statistics.  The Diagnostics Report includes Overall Diagnostics with your test results, time used, Scaled Score 1-15 or 118-132 (for MCAT Practice Tests), number and percent of correct answers, questions you marked for review and how many of them were answered correctly.   You can review the individual questions, your answers, the correct answers and read detailed explanations (where provided).  You can review all the questions, all incorrectly answered questions, all questions you marked and sort questions based on their difficulty level.

Detailed Analysis tables display the statistics similar to Overall Diagnostics, but in addition, questions will be separated by subject (Biology, Organic Chemistry, Physics and General Chemistry) and by topics within each subject.   Detailed Analysis reports allow you to determine which subjects / topics are your strongest and which subjects / topics you should spend more time on.  This level of analysis is allpicable to MCAT Practice Tests and not to Topical Subject Tests since those questions belong to only one topic and one subject.

The Diagnostics Report is available for each completed test attempt.  If you submitted three complete attempts of one test, you have three separate Diagnostics Reports.  This proprietary feature enables you to monitor your progress of learning.

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By using our system and practicing computer-based simulated MCAT tests, you will accelerate your learning and master the material for a higher score on your MCAT.

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